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Questions about the CAA

CAA Membership applications are quick and easy to complete - but what else do you need to know about joining? Here are answers to the questions that Julia in Membership Services gets asked most often.

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Questions about CAA Membership Application

1 Why should we become members of the Children's Activities Association?
Joining the Children's Activities Association now means that you will be regarded as a leader in our industry, and you will have first access to opportunities to use your membership to differentiate your organisation.

2 How long does it take for my application to become a member of the Children's Activities Association to be approved?

Once you've uploaded your compliance documents, it usually takes about a week for the checks to be completed before your membership is approved.

3 How do I pay for my Children's Activities Association Membership?
A membership can be paid in quarterly instalments via Direct Debit or annually via bank transfer.

Questions about Independent Accredition

  1. When can I apply for Children's Activities Association Accreditation?
    You can begin immediately after your Children's Activities Association membership is approved.

  2. What will be accredited?
    Accreditation by the Children's Activities Association adheres to our Code of Practice. This means that we will accredit your programme and processes rather than the specifics of your lesson content. For example, we will want to know that your lesson plans have been developed and tested by a suitably qualified individual.

    Because we are accrediting your programme and process, any franchisees or licensees who have been trained and supported to use your system can also be accredited.

  3. How is accreditation structured?
    Accreditation is split into five modules: Compliance, Training, Customer Service, Programme and Delivery, all Children's Activities Association members complete the Compliance module when they join. Children's Activities Association Members can then go on to complete the remaining four modules to achieve Full Accreditation.

    Full accreditation is awarded once the remaining modules have been completed, you can then display the Children's Activities Association Fully Accredited logo with pride.

  4. What are the advantages of being accredited by the Children's Activities Association?
    Being a fully accredited member of the Children's Activities Association will be the first thing that parents, schools, and nurseries look for when selecting an activity for their children. Once fully accredited, you will join the ranks of providers who have been proven to work to the highest standards.

  5. Who is responsible for accreditation?
    Fundamentally Children has been chosen by the Children's Activities Association as the independent organisation to carry out the accreditation process on our behalf. Fundamentally, Children already run the quality assurance programmes that produce the Good Toy Guide and the Good App Guide, and they have assisted the Children's Activities Association in developing a fair, accessible, and meaningful accreditation process.

    With the help and support from Fundamentally Children you will provide evidence and answer questions and there will be a visit by one of the accreditation team.

  6. What happens at renewal?
    The accreditation is valid for three years, and we would only need to review it earlier if there is a significant change in the programmes you offer (a new programme, an increase in age ranges, etc.), in which case we will arrange an additional site visit.

    We will contact you near the end of the three years to arrange a site visit to renew your accreditation. You are welcome to schedule the renewal visit at any time before your accreditation's three-year anniversary.

Membership Tier Questions

1 What does it mean to be a Bronze Accredited Member?
All of our Bronze Accredited Members have provided their Compliance documentation and completed an additional accreditation module, which has been reviewed and confirmed by the independent accrediting organisation Fundamentally Children, led by Dr Amanda Gummer PhD.

2 What does it mean to be a Silver Accredited Member?
All of our Silver Accredited Members have already received their Bronze Accreditation by submitting their Compliance policies to the independent accrediting organisation, Fundamentally Children, led by Dr Amanda Gummer PhD.

Silver Accredited Members have also completed two of our additional accreditation modules, which require the submission of documents and evidence to Fundamentally Children for review.

3 What does it mean to be a Fully Accredited Member?
Full Accreditation is a significant accomplishment, as it is the only independent accreditation for children's activities in the United Kingdom.

Our Fully Accredited Members have successfully completed all five accreditation modules, which include compliance, training, customer service, programme, and delivery. Furthermore, our independent accrediting organisation, Fundamentally Children, led by Dr. Amanda Gummer PhD, has paid them a visit to ensure that all policies and evidence are in order.

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