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Nursery School


Become a member of the leading community for children’s activity providers

We support businesses of all shapes and sizes, from individual coaches or educators to independent providers, to large-scale franchises, across all genres of activities. Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to help you grow your business, with children’s safety and well-being at its core.













We give you the connections you need to successfully run your business. Not only with credible suppliers, but with like-minded peers. Through our Children’s Activities Association Community Facebook group and events, you’ve got a ready made network to go to for advice and inspiration.


What does ‘good’ look like? It’s often hard to know exactly, with our sector remaining mostly unregulated. As a CAA Certified or Accredited Member, we’ll walk you through the process. With a focus on safety and safeguarding, a CAA ‘badge’ assures parents that your classes meet the CAA benchmark and that their children are safe.


You’ll get access to webinars, events, training sessions, drop-in clinics, templates, and various resources to help you run and grow your business. And benefit from representation and advocacy through our lobbying efforts, aimed at fostering support and growth for the entire sector.

There are 3 ways you can get involved...
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As part of our mission to raise standards, we want to make sure anyone working in the children's activities space is aware of the fundamentals they should have in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children attending their classes. So we invite everyone to begin their CAA journey by agreeing to operate in line with our Code of Practice and becoming a Supporter, for FREE.

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Prove to parents that your business meets the CAA's benchmark by completing compliance and obtaining your CAA Member badge. As well as supporting you through the process, you'll get access to plenty of resources, training and events to help grow your business.

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Accreditation is the Gold Standard when it comes to activity providers. You can jump straight in at the Accreditation level, or you can join as a Member, completing compliance first, then look to upgrade as you grow. Our accreditation process takes a more in-depth look at your business operations and the level of provision you offer. Once you've completed accreditation, you'll get an Accredited Member badge. 

It's a great comfort to be a part of a sector that has the protection of children and young families at its core

Ian Sharland, Director, Baby Sensory Limited

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