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The Basics of DBS - Cost, Process, Responsibilities

With Hayley Kelly of Personnel Checks

Recruitment is an ongoing challenge for all activity providers. In a mostly unregulated industry like ours, how do you ensure the safety of the children in your classes when you aren't the one actually teaching them?

Hayley Kelly from CAA Partner Personnel Checks covers off the basics of safer recruitment and the role of DBS checks in the video below.

  • What is Safer Recruitment? Explaining the circumstances that lead to DBS Checks

  • Understanding DBS Checks as a Children's Activity Provider An explanation to DBS Checks and the appropriate level for your members

  • Spent vs Unspent An explanation of the difference between spent and unspent criminal record information

CAA Safeguarding Live slides from Hayley Kelly Personnel Checks
Download PDF • 1.74MB

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