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If you're part of the world of children's activities in the UK, is membership of the Children's Activities Association the missing piece of the puzzle? We're here to support children's activities businesses via our membership, which gives everyone access to our community and all the benefits associated with it.


We know what it takes to build a business from scratch and grow it into something sustainable and we're passionate about the sector that we work for and represent. And because we have skilled providers on the CAA's Board we know the challenges- because we navigate them ourselves.


Our board is made up of independent activities providers, franchisors and trusted experts. We want everyone in the sector that works to their own high standards to be recognised for their good work. And we want to raise standards across the sector by providing the only accreditation for children's activities providers in the UK and encouraging CAA members to sign up.

The children's activities sector is thriving and full of dedicated, creative people. And we understand the effort it takes not only to start a business, but to keep it going - and growing, and that it's all so much easier (and enjoyable!) when you work within a supportive community of like-minded people.

We know what it takes to start and run a business in the children's activities sector. Our Board is made up of activities providers, who themselves are business owners, and experts from the fields of Insurance Services, PR. Accountancy and Marketing. Our valuable resources help members to establish, manage and build successful businesses.

"When I set up my children's music classes all I had was a name and an idea. The CAA resources have been invaluable," Alice, independent music provider
Our Mission


We use our expert Board members and trusted partners to deliver the workshops and webinars that we know you need.


We plan the programme carefully so that we have something useful and relevant to you, wherever you are on your business journey.

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As a Children's Activities Association member, you can choose to work towards our comprehensive, independent accreditation developed by experts.


Our accreditation body will assist you in completing the remaining four modules: programme, customer service, training, and delivery.

We have worked hard to make sure this is as simple as possible whilst being as comprehensive as necessary to give parents the peace of mind that Children's Activities Association members are operating responsibly.

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