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CAA welcomes Board Members

In these challenging times Children's Activities Association is delighted to welcome Trudi Beswick, Amanda Frolich and Sue Lee to the Board

2020 Board Update

It’s been a very challenging few months for most people running their businesses, especially for many in the children's activity sector.

We very much hope that you are starting to see positives and your businesses can start rebuilding as the reopening of activities have begun. Of course, the timing of this is varied depending upon what type of activity each member runs.

I hope that the advice/help that the CAA board have been communicating with you during this time has been helpful. We have received much positive feedback and have seen a marked increase in new members to the association.

Our board have been working hard and often long hours (voluntarily) for the good of the CAA membership and the sector as a whole and I would like to air my thanks for all they have done.

I am very pleased to announce that we have recently increased the number of board members and would like to welcome:

Amanda Frolich

Amanda will be known to many of you and she has been an active supporter of the CAA since early on. As a board member, Amanda will be representative of the independent providers, whilst continuing to help in our lobbying plans and speak with providers who have questions as to why they should join us and become members.

"I have been a CAA member from the very start of the association as I was looking for an organisation who was able to accredit my work. I am proud to now join the board and help spread the word and advantages of membership."

Trudi Beswick

Trudi and Caudwell Children will be known to some of you. As partners in the Children's Activities Week, a number of members have already visited the world-leading centre which offers significant support to children with autism and their families.

With Trudi and Caudwell Children's experience in supporting children with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), she will be able to bring advice to providers who want to ensure all children can attend activities and get the most out of them wherever possible.

As with Amanda, Trudi has been a supporter of the quest for a Champion for children ( Government Minister ) and will play an important part in some areas of our lobbying.

“Giving disabled children and families the support they need to thrive as part of an inclusive society has been my passion for over 20 years, and having met many activity providers during our involvement with CAW and the Children 1st Alliance, I know this is also true for the sector as a whole. I am therefore delighted to join the CAA Board and further align Caudwell Children with this important business sector; and in doing so I will offer all of my insight and the expertise from within the Caudwell Children team to assist providers in improving understanding, acceptance and opportunities for children with SEND as well as support the continued growth and development of the sector wherever I can.”

Sue Lee

Sue, as Managing Director , takes over from Gary Harrison. Morton Michel of Morton Michel, specialist childcare Insurance brokers, was a founding member of the CAA, recognising the importance for our growing sector to be able to be self-governing in the future, and evidence excellence in the sector to all including parents and guardians whose children attend activities.

With a current landscape of changing risk faced by providers, Sue's input here will be of much value.

“I am personally and professionally thrilled to be part of CAA board, to improve standards across the industry. Our children’s physical and mental health is key to their health and wellbeing, so I am looking forward to being part of bringing positive change to such an important sector”

On behalf of the board of the CAA we wish you our very best to you and your businesses moving forward.

Best Wishes

Mike Dodd Chair, Children's Activities Association

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