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Demystifying safeguarding for children's activity providers

With Safeguarding Expert Ann Marie Christian

There is often an expectation amongst parents that children's activity providers are governed by the same legal framework as schools when it comes to safeguarding, but that often isn't the case. So as a parent what should you be asking for? And as an activity provider, where do you stand and what should you have in place to keep children safe?

The answer to this varies depending on whether the activity is provided for schools, as Ann Marie explains in the video below, but there is guidance for both.

She covers off the 3 safeguarding basics:

  1. DBS Checks

  2. A dedicated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy who has attended Safeguarding Lead training in the last 2 years

  3. A safeguarding policy

How, as an activity provider, you can embed an ongoing culture of safeguarding:

  • Safe recruitment training

  • Ongoing yearly training for all staff

And touches on the different categories of abuse you should be vigilant for: Physical, Emotional, Neglect, Sexual

You can also download the Government Guidelines documents she refers to here:

After school clubs community activities, and tuition safeguarding provider guidance bookle
Download • 954KB

Download PDF • 1.27MB

Download PDF • 411KB

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