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How the CAA community is supporting Children's Activities Week

Updated: May 19, 2023

Wow! Is it really time for Children’s Activities Week again? This remarkable fundraising event brings together children's activities providers from all corners of the United Kingdom and supports a cause very close to our hearts: improving the lives of disabled children. Children’s Activities Week is an extraordinary week-long initiative that raises funds for the esteemed Caudwell Foundation Charity, an organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of children with disabilities.

At the heart of this event lies the power of community fundraising. By joining forces and combining our efforts, the children’s activities community comes together to raise much-needed funds needed to make a significant impact on the lives of children who face unique challenges. Through our collective contributions as a sector, The Caudwell Foundation can provide essential support, resources, and opportunities for these extraordinary young individuals to thrive and reach their full potential.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Children's Activities Week is the genuine enthusiasm and excitement displayed by the children themselves. There is something truly magical about witnessing the joy on their faces as they engage in activities, knowing that their participation is helping to make a difference. From sponsored sports events and talent shows to craft workshops and dance-a-thons, children are actively involved in the fundraising process, fostering a sense of empathy, empowerment, and a commitment to helping others from a young age.

Moreover, the children's activities sector stretches across the entire United Kingdom. From bustling cities to rural communities, every children’s activities provider can get involved. And the creative responses that we’ve seen from our community to this year’s theme of ‘Prepare to Fly’ are a testament to our shared belief in the transformative benefits of play, creativity, and community.

By joining forces nationwide, we demonstrate the unity and determination of our sector to contribute to a greater cause.

So, what have we all been up to during Children's Activities Week? We took to our private Facebook Group the Children’s Activities Community to find out what’s going on this week. And we’ve been overwhelmed by the creativity and enthusiasm for fundraising across our community. Read on to find out what our community across the UK has been doing to get ready to fly.

We're following the theme of flying in class this week with activities and songs related to flying. I'm asking everyone who is attending classes this week to make donations so they can watch an exclusive performance of my new single The Catchy Song' at the end of my classes.

Babyballet have a special ‘watch me’ themed class and are dressing up as anything that flies! We’ve had astronauts, ‘kites’, fairies and superheroes too in our classes this week. And we also have a very superhero cape on sale with 25% of all proceeds being donated to Caudwell Children.

We're a SEND specific therapy setting. And our early intervention group are doing superpower - flying themed Attention Autism sessions on Wednesday. And on Thursday, our Understood: social skills group are completing activities around their superpowers (identifying positives in their diagnoses) and strategies that help them to reach their potential in their tool kits. Our Lego therapy session is also based on vehicles that can fly this week.

Boogie beat music and movement are getting the children to dress up in outfits they can fly in. And then we are seeing how many songs we can add into our sessions about animals that fly and how many different ways we can move our bodies to fly too.

The children attending Caterpillar Music classes this week are dressing up as superheroes, bringing and singing about all things that fly. And some fabulous raffle prizes have been collected, all across the UK!


Creation Station are running superhero themed sessions all over the country. We are creating our own capes and masks. This photo was snapped at Tuesday’s session at The Creation Station North Norwich.

We are dancing to our very own “I can fly” song and dressing up as anything that can fly.


Little Learners UK are doing a big sponsored mark-make across the country to support the fundraising for Children's Activities Week.

Phonics with Robot Reg are holding a sponsored superhero obstacle course for our preschool class, our mini class and babes classes are joining in with a sponsored singalong.

RHYTHM TIME We are learning and performing a song about a parrot using British Sign Language at Rhythm Time. And we’re linking all of our other activities in class this week to the theme of flying!

We’re doing special super hero themed sessions all week at all our Tappy Toes venues. Children are dressing up as superheroes and we have an entire Super hero lesson planned.

Toddler Sense classes across the country are running Watch Me Fly sessions, taking the moonlit train deep into the jungle, drumming with the animals and waiting for the sun to rise across the Savannah.


Young Engineers Warwick are building mechanical fish and learning about circular to elliptical motion in our classes this week.

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