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Remember Ignite! On the Fifth of November

Saturday 5 November was a big day for the Children's Activities Association. We hosted our first annual conference since Covid-19 caused us to take all our networking and support online.

For some of us, this was the first big networking event in several years. And for our members who joined during Covid, the day was an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues for the first time.

The whole day was jam packed with actions, expert advice and positivity. After a day of learning and sharing ideas, we're all fired up to prepare for the year ahead. And we're all taking charge of 2023 with planning and ideas now.

Everyone of us in the room took away some really valuable learning from the day. Whether we've been in business six months or 16 years!

We'll write a proper blog over the next few days, but here are some snippets from the day. As said by you - our brilliant community.

Together, we're stronger - so we really hope to see you at our next event.

If you're interested in membership drop Julia a message on

You can read more about membership here, and scroll down for a few picture from our fantastic event.

"We've had a great weekend meeting and hearing from some brilliant people," LCF Language Clubs.

"Noodle Arts Nikki and Jess learning lots at Ignite 2022."

"There is nothing like small businesses coming together for the greater good," Caterpillar Music.

"The kids activity industry is full of amazingly talented people and who run their businesses with a great deal of passion and purpose... I think we all realise that it's so much more beneficial for us all to work together," Rachel Fay, the ADHD Franchisor.

"It went off with a bang!" Jane James, Little Voices (and part of the organising team).

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