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What's coming up for CAA members?

February has been a busy month for us at HQ, and for our community, members and for our board. It's also been Half Term.... and it may still be school holidays in your region this week. So, we thought it would be useful to share some of the great things we have planned for our brilliant membership community.

Training webinar

Really valuable, really useful, we're very excited to be offering this on-trend masterclass to our members. You may follow Anne-Marie on TikTok and you might know her from Diddidance. And Mike is a digital superstar who is passionate about the value of video and bringing a human touch to our business marketing.

You need to book to attend, and the booking link is here.

CAA Regional Networking: Lanarkshire

Did you know that the CAA runs regular local events for children's activities providers? And that all children's activity providers are welcome to attend?

CAA local networking events and regional meetings are a great way to meet local businesses and the benefit of networking this way is you get the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are working in the same sector as you and you can meet people who are further along their business journey. We champion community and collaboration at the CAA so these local events are brilliant way to receive advice and support.

The 28 February event is hosted by CAA Member and Mind Marvels Owner Karen Gibb. And our guest speaker is social media expert and owner of Sunshine Media, Susan Ferguson. So as well as meeting other local members, you will learn how to create more sales using social media, how to convert followers into raving fans, and how to recruit more people into your children's activity business.

Book your ticket here.

Member benefits

Our membership benefits are available throughout the year, and you can learn all about CAA Membership here. Or if you're new to children's activities or not sure you're ready for membership yet, check out our Children's Activity Community on Facebook here.

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