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A fresh new look for 2022

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

As we emerge from one of the most challenging periods in our existence - for ourselves and our Children's Activities Association members - we made a brand refresh to take us forward.

The Children's Activities Association (CAA) represents one of the UK's most vibrant, creative and dedicated business sectors. We've built up close relationships across our community and are proud of all we have delivered for them, especially during lockdown.

But when we looked at our brand and our message with a fresh pair of eyes, from the outside if you like, it was clear that we were not painting ouselves in true light.

Like many organisations, our focus is not 100% digital. And like many businesses, word of mouth and reputation is important to our growth. 'Is brand really so important?' we asked ourselves? Well, it turns out, in fact it is.

Delivering value

The CAA are a CIC, which means we are not-for-profit and that we can deliver a really high level of value to our members.

The CAA is a purpose-driven organisation and we take the responsibility of the service we provide to our members seriously. We want all children's activities providers to collectively raise the standards for what is currently an unregulated business area in the UK.

But none of that was evident when you looked at us with a fresh pair of eyes. While our original branding had served us well, it was time for a change.

Branding a community

We wanted a fresh, new look to raise the integrity of our brand. The CAA works with a diverse range of family businesses, start-ups and franchises, so we want to clearly show that we are approachable and trustworthy.

We help businesses grow, and find strength in community, and we support them through what can be very challenging times - as a business launches or makes decisions to grow.

Community is at our heart, so we want to be instantly recognised as being inclusive.

And because we want to raise standards for the whole sector and have our accreditation used by every single business that provides organised activities and clubs for children in the UK, we want to present ourselves as professional, and credible.

So we were delighted to welcome brand and communications expert Rachel Hammond to the board in 2021. Rachel has extensive media experience and has delivered content and communications work for organisations like Mumsnet, Marks & Spencer, BMW, national newspapers and magazines and hundreds of smaller, independent businesses across the UK

Together with her team, she has guided us through the process of rebranding and delivered a new logo, website and shown us how using it consistently really makes our content stand out, especially online.

Brand is useless when it connects with audiences in the wrong way - Rachel Hammond

This is an important step for us and will enable us to be more credible and instantly recognisable. The children's activities sector is an industry that we care passionately about.

We want to raise standards and be a strong representative voice for every single one of us who runs a business in this space.

Our membership is open - always - and our community is friendly, inclusive and collaborative.

You can find some of our FAQs here.

So, if you're new round here we'd love to know how you found us - and what you think!

Rachel is also our CAA board member responsible for communications and PR - so please drop her a message if you have a story. Or if you need some help getting a Press Release out.

She is a social media expert and hosts regular webinars for members and manages the content for our social media channels.

Read more of our content here.

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