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Top Tip - Allow the proper time for franchise recruitment

Updated: Apr 11

By Deborah Gersohn, Director, Children's Franchise Enterprise

Managing your own expectations is a good place to start. People say you need 100 franchise enquiries to get one sign up. Does that ratio ring true for you? 

The success rate can be disheartening at times and it's tempting to automate everything or go on autopilot yourself. However, unless your approach is personalised (at least to a certain degree) then you're likely to sabotage the whole process. Look for small ways in which you can treat everyone as an individual. 

There's also no point throwing everything at people in one initial email. If you overwhelm with too much information then they're likely to run a mile. It's a bit like dating. You only want to reveal so much on the first date or you'll never get anyone to marry you! 

Slow and steady is more likely to win the race when it comes to attracting the right franchisees - those that will genuinely be an asset to your business and share your values and ethos. 

For the children's sector the ideal candidates are typically mums who are looking for a more flexible career and teachers keen to explore options beyond the classroom. When these people enquire about your franchise, they may be thinking long-term. They may not be in a position to make an immediate decision. Stick with them and ensure that your franchise sales funnel allows them to get to “know, like and trust” you over time. They will be worth the wait.

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